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  • Aluminum gutter gratings against leaves, pine needles, twigs and moss.

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  • Protection against leaves, pine needles, bird nests and stone martens

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No more clogged gutters

  • No more climbing the ladder to periodically clean your gutter.
  • Fits on any gutter, both old and new, zinc or plastic.
  • No stone martens, birds and rats in your rain gutter.
  • Prevents snow accumulation in your gutter.
  • Maintenance free and lasts a lifetime.
  • No more birds under your solar panels.
  • Reduces the risk of moisture and snow damage.
  • No damage from a clogged gutter.
  • Protects your gutter against UV radiation and corrosive acids caused by rotting leaves.
  • In color as desired.


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No more vermin under solar panels

  • Repels stone martens, birds and rats.
  • Reduces the risk of fire.
  • Maintenance free and lasts a lifetime.
  • In gray and black.


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From 100 pieces a wholesale price

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Water permeable

Aluper® roof gutter gratings are water and air permeable. The roof boards, gutters and downspouts remain well ventilated, so that they are not affected by fungi and acids.

ROOF GRATING gutter protection marten scrap 008

Leaf and needle resistant

Aluper® gutter gratings are leaf and needle resistant. The size of the perforation and the special shape of the grid ensure that gutters remain empty.


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Pest resistant

Roof gutter gratings and solar profiles from Aluper® are made of aluminum and offer permanent and complete protection against pests.


Gutter gratings and pest control for gutters and solar panels

Gutters with trees around them often have to be emptied several times a year. Most gutter protection products unfortunately offer no permanent protection causing gutters to clog. There are also very interesting gutter filters on the market, but even these slip shut over time and start to smell enormously.

With the aluminum gutter protection from Aluper® it is emptying gutters a thing of the past. The gutter grating lasts a lifetime because it is made of durable aluminum. Due to the special perforation and shape of the grid, leaves and needles cannot penetrate so that the gutter can no longer become clogged. In addition, Aluper® also has impenetrable aluminum marten and bird screens that are mounted under the first row of roof tiles. The system is mounted very solidly with clamps and screws and can be easily disassembled if necessary. 

Solar panels do not appear to be maintenance-free either, because dirt can accumulate around them over time. Accumulated dirt under solar panels increases the risk of a fire outbreak. The stone marten can also get under the solar panels and settle. The stone marten can easily gnaw through the wiring, resulting in high costs. With this aluminum solar panel protection from Aluper®, dirt accumulation and vermin under solar panels are a thing of the past. The system is mounted all around the sides of the panels so that the entrance is obstructed for all types of animals. 

Aluper® products are assembled with a 10-year warranty, but can also be ordered separately in our webshop. It is advisable to read the frequently asked questions on our website before ordering the product, in order to learn more about the mounting method and the necessary tools. All our products can also be assembled by Aluper®, there is always an Aluper® dealer nearby. 

Read more information in our informative articles on our website. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information. Please contact by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Aluper® gutter and solar panel protection

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