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  • Bird and marten proof

    Protects gutters from pest damage.

  • Permeable

    The werings are permeable to water.

  • Leaf and needle repellent

    The grate keeps branches, leaves and pine needles from falling.

Aluminum gutter grid AP77

Easy and simple self-assembly for everyone!

Aluminum solar protection AP88

Easy and simple self-assembly for anyone.

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Aluminum gutter and solar panel guarding

Gutter weeding - Gutters with trees around them often need to be cleared several times a year. Aluper® aluminum gutter protection makes gutter emptying a thing of the past. The gutter grating will last a lifetime because it is made of durable aluminum. Leaves and needles cannot penetrate because of the special perforation and shape of the grate but rainwater is simply drained. Assembly is very solid with stainless steel clamps and screws and can be easily disassembled.

Solar fencing - With solar panels, it is common for various animals such as birds and stone martens to cause damage. Aluper® aluminum solar protection can be used to protect solar panels in a sustainable way. The aluminum solar protection can be easily glued to the panels.

We have made clear assembly instructions available on our website and on YouTube.

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We are very happy with these gutter grates. Emptying the gutters every time is finally no longer necessary from now on.

Aluminum gutter grating

Article code: AP77


We were very much bothered by birds under our solar panels. Because of its longevity, we chose this system.

Aluminum solar shading

Article code: AP88


Very nice that even all the gaps are sealed so no debris can get into the gutter.

Aluminum end profile

Article code: L77

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