● The importance of regular gutter maintenance: prevent leaks, damage and hazards

How important is it really to maintain the gutter?

It is indeed important to regularly maintain your gutter because a full gutter can cause a number of problems. One of the main problems is that water cannot drain properly, which can lead to leaks in the roofing or wall. This in turn can lead to mold and damage to the woodwork of the roof and can also affect the insulation of the house.

Aluper's gutter grid eliminates the need to clean the gutter

Preventing another problem

Another major problem that can occur when a gutter is not properly maintained is that water can overflow and drip down the facade of the house. This can cause subsidence of the ground around the house and can also cause problems with the foundation of the house. Moreover, flooding water can also cause erosion of the soil around the house, which can lead to soil washing away and can also cause problems with the sewer system.


Avoiding dangerous situations

A full gutter can also create a dangerous situation for people working or playing around the house, as the water can overflow and lead to slipperiness or other hazards. In addition, a full gutter can also lead to a weighted roof structure, which can lead to roof strength problems.


Aluper® aluminum gutter protection is the solution

Never clean your gutters again.

Durable aluminum system.

Made in the EU.

Lasts a lifetime.

10-year warranty on product operation.


Are you curious about how the assembly is done?

See our manual for a detailed explanation in pictures and writing. It is quite easy for anyone who is a little handy to install the grilles.

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