● Why gutter protection may ultimately fail: an examination of the causes and solutions

Most gutter guards or leaf guards are designed to stop leaves, pine needles and twigs before it gets into the gutter.


With Aluper's gutter grating, leaves don't stand a chance.

Although these systems often appear to be effective initially, they can fail in their task over time. This is because these systems are often made of less durable materials such as plastic that will age or degrade with weather and time. In addition, if the leaf barrier is not installed properly, the system may not work properly or the leaf barrier may become loose, causing leaves and twigs to enter the gutter.

Another reason why gutter protection can fail is because trees can grow around the house and their branches and leaves can protrude through the gutter protection. As a result, the leaf barrier cannot work properly and the gutter can become clogged with leaves and twigs.

It is also important to remember that regular gutter protection is only designed to stop larger objects such as leaves, pine needles and twigs. It cannot stop smaller objects such as sand, dust and mosses, which can clog the gutter in the long run.

To ensure that gutter protection works well, it is important to choose a durable gutter protection made of aluminum, for example, so that it does not get damaged and lose its function over the years. It is also important that the openings in the gutter protection be no larger than two millimeters so that such and such are blocked as much as possible. In addition to a good gutter grid, it is always advisable to keep pruning trees around the house to prevent their branches and leaves from getting less on the guttering.

What can you do to keep leaves, pine needles and the like out of the gutter?

  1. Choose gutter protection made of durable material.
  2. The openings should not exceed two millimeters.
  3. Prune the trees around the property.

Aluper® aluminum gutter protection is a very nice long-term solution

Never clean your gutters again.

Durable aluminum system.

Made in the EU.

Lasts a lifetime.

10-year warranty on product operation.



Are you curious about how the assembly is done?

See our manual for a detailed explanation in pictures and writing. It is quite easy for anyone who is a little handy to install the grilles.

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