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    Top 3 Reasons Most Gutter Protection Fails

    The main function of gutters is to prevent rainwater from falling directly from the roof to the ground or hitting the facade. Without a gutter, the rainwater would cause puddles of water around the house and facades would also quickly become dirty. In places where many leaves fall from the trees, the gutters become full and the rainwater cannot be drained properly.  

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    An overfilled gutter without gutter protection can cause nuisance and damage. First of all, there is a high risk of the gutter and downspout drainage becoming clogged. The water can no longer escape, so there is a chance that the gutter will overflow at the front. As a result of an overflowing gutter, puddles can form and the facade can become dirty. Also, rotting leaves release acids that reduce the life of gutters and cause leaks.

    To prevent all kinds of damage to gutters and to extend the lifespan, it is wise to install a type of gutter protection in gutters. Different types of gutter protection are available. To a greater or lesser extent, each gutter protection helps to keep leaves, pine needles, moss and lichens out of the gutter and to promote water drainage. However, there is hardly any gutter protection available that really ensures that a gutter no longer has to be emptied or checked at all. Over time, almost any gutter protection will get clogged, requiring you to climb the ladder again.


      3 main reasons why gutter protection usually fails:

    1. The openings in the gutter protection are too large, allowing too many leaves, pine needles, mosses and lichens to pass through.
    2. The gutter protection is not mounted firmly enough so that it moves with the dirt.
    3. The material is not strong enough. Often plastic is used and it appears to be not strong enough to guarantee years of protection.

    The disadvantage of this type of gutter protection is that it is not 100% maintenance-free. One has to climb the ladder or hire a cherry picker every year to check that the gutter is still free of leaves, pine needles and moss. This type of gutter protection often does help, but unfortunately does not provide permanent protection.  


    Aluper® gutter protection

    The Aluper® gutter protection is made of high-quality aluminum. It is robust and securely mounted with screws and clamps. The perforation is small enough that not even pine needles can get through. The gutter will always remain empty. It is no longer necessary to climb a ladder or rent a cherry picker because Aluper® gutter protection stays firmly in place. The material lasts a lifetime and can be disassembled and reused if necessary. 


     The advantages of the Aluper® system:

    1. The openings in the Aluper gutter protection are no less than 2 mm in diameter. Leaves, pine needles, mosses and lichens cannot get through.
    2. The gutter protection is securely mounted with stainless steel clamps and screws, ensuring that it stays in place. In addition, Aluper® always gives a minimum of 5 years warranty on the installation.
    3. The gutter protection is made of 0,6 mm thick aluminum and therefore virtually indestructible, it lasts a lifetime. 
    4. Always an Aluper® installer near you. Aluper® offers installation worldwide.


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    * Aluper supplies and assembles together with dealers worldwide for private individuals, institutions and companies.




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