Gutter protection from leaves and animals

Never a clogged gutter again with the Aluper® gutter grate

It is important that gutters do not get clogged so that leaks do not occur. Because gutters are usually difficult to reach, it is important to install permanent gutter protection. With Aluper® aluminum gutter protection, gutter emptying is a thing of the past.

Enjoying a fresh gutter

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A permanent barrier against leaves and animals

10 key benefits

Maintenance-free and lasts a lifetime

The gutter grate has a special shape with all small holes that will not allow leaves or pine needles to stick, but they will dry up and curl. If there is a strong wind, it will automatically blow the grille clean again.

10-year warranty

We guarantee that our material is durable and always provide a 10-year warranty. Moreover, aluminum can last a lifetime.

Made of aluminum

Aluminum does not rust or deform, but stays firmly in place.

Repels leaves, pine needles, moss, etc.

The grate contains all these tiny holes that are too small to allow leaves, pine needles, moss and the like to pass through.

Stops stone martens, birds and rats

The grid completely covers the gutter to prevent pests from entering the gutter.

No more going up the ladder

The grid completely covers the gutter to prevent pests from entering the gutter.


With the help of our assembly instructions and several instructional videos, installation is easy to do yourself.

Fits any gutter

Both old and new, zinc or plastic and even copper. The grid should always be made to fit on site.

Prevents accumulation of snow

The grating keeps snow from falling. Excess snow will fall down.

Protects against UV radiation and acids

The grid protects the gutter from corrosive acids from rotting leaves, etc. It also blocks UV radiation so the gutter will last longer.


Self-cleaning system

The video shows how the assembly of the grid is done. We also made a recording to show that it is a self-circulating system where the dirt is automatically blown away by the wind. Because of the many holes in the grate, rainwater is always drained, even when there are lots of leaves on it.

Gutter drama: How our grates solve it

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What do our customers say?

One year after purchase - The leaves and also the pine needles were almost completely blown away during days with strong winds. Some debris still remains here and there, but the rainwater just drains well. It was a good idea to have the roof tiles sprayed annually with Roof Shampoo so that the algae on the grates is also cleaned. I am very satisfied because the gardener no longer has to empty the gutters each time.

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Gutter grating Article code: AP77

In our neighborhood, we have a lot of trouble with martens. These crawl under the roof tiles and we hear them on the roof all the time because of this. It makes us feel uncertain because we don't know what damage the marten can do there. We were looking for a solution that is more durable than sheds made of plastic. First we had purchased another aluminum bird and marten fence that was not strong enough. This one from Aluper is 1 mm thick and we are confident that it is enough.

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Bird and marten repellent
Article code: AP78


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In our webshop you can easily order the gutter protection and all other materials needed for installation. Together with national and international parcel services, we deliver worldwide. In case you need help to complete your order or in case you want advice we will be happy to help you.

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