Privacy statement of Aluper

Aluper (with KvK number: 58685979) located in (8041 BL) Zwolle at the address Grote Voort 293a (hereinafter: Aluper) is the data controller as referred to and mentioned in this privacy statement.

Aluper is engaged in the marketing of gutter and solar panel protection and accessories, with particular emphasis on the sale of aluminum gutter grids and accessories. This marketing is done on the basis of closed purchase agreements. In order to handle these agreements, it is necessary for Aluper to process data.

This data being processed may relate to orders and/or businesses, but may also include data on the basis of which individuals can be identified. This may include name and address, delivery addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, bank account numbers and payment information.

Without this information, the correct order information cannot be linked to the correct customer account and contact information, making it impossible for Aluper to properly fulfill agreements.

With regard to marketing activities, the programs Google Analytics and Google AdWords are used. Data are also processed through these programs. This pursuant to Aluper's legitimate interest in such processing. Indeed, these programs allow Aluper to explore how (potential) customers can be targeted with existing or new products.

Without the use of these programs, it is not feasible for Aluper to conduct market research and address existing and new customers.

When does Aluper obtain the (personal) data

Aluper obtains this data when contact is made by a (new) relation, this may or may not be through the Aluper website, and data is provided by this relation.

Where necessary, this data will be processed by Aluper.

Google Analytics

For marketing purposes, Aluper uses Google Analytics and Google Adwords. This makes it possible for Aluper to conduct market research to some extent.

With Google Analytics, it is possible to obtain information such as IP addresses that could potentially lead to the identification of any (natural) person. For this reason, this data also falls under the scope of the AVG.

How long will (personal) data be kept by Aluper

Due to tax laws, Aluper is required to keep data related to orders for 7 years.

(Personal) data obtained in relation to a particular customer account are retained by Aluper until the moment the customer relationship is explicitly terminated or terminated by the customer. Aluper considers it important to retain this data for this period of time in order to provide targeted services tailored to customer needs. After termination of the customer relationship, the (personal) data will be removed from Aluper's systems within 12 months or modified in such a way that the data can no longer be traced back to a specific natural person.

Data obtained through the use of Google Analytics and/or Google Adwords will be deleted no later than 50 months after receipt. Aluper argues that this period of time is reasonable, as it needs it to be able to act on the outcome of the market investigation and adjust its product range and policies accordingly.

(Personal) data that does not relate to any of the above options will be deleted within 2 months of receipt or modified in such a way that the data can no longer be traced back to a specific natural person.

With whom does Aluper share data

For proper service and business operations, Aluper is required to engage third parties.

Regarding business operations

Third-party services and products are used by Aluper. For example, in addition to using an outside accountant, a party is engaged to provide hosting and website maintenance services. Internally, Aluper thereby uses Office 365 and similar programs for the purpose of internal and external correspondence and scheduling.

These parties have access (to a limited extent) to the data of Aluper's relations With these parties, Aluper enters into a processor agreement to regulate the protection and use of these data.

Regarding services

With respect to the services provided from Aluper, we regularly use parties that help facilitate the processing of agreements.

Thought could be given to outside carriers being used to deliver the orders. These partners are provided with the data necessary for the proper handling of the agreement. Processor agreements are also entered into with these parties to govern the protection and use of relationship data.

Other third parties

No data will be shared with other third parties without the consent of the Aluper relationship. The only exception to this is if Aluper is required to do so under a legal provision.

Storage in EEA

In doing so, the data is stored in the EU so sharing the data with a country outside the EU is not necessary. The exception is data stored through Google on one of their servers in a country outside the EU. For this purpose, Aluper enters into a processing agreement with Google.

Without Aluper being required to do so under any legal provision, data will not further be shared with (companies based in) any country outside the EU.

Data security

Aluper takes care of organizational and technical measures to secure (personal) data. This includes working with the hosting party to ensure security of the data received after using the web shop and using a good firewall and anti-virus software. Where possible, two-step verification is used to provide additional security for login.

Third party websites

This privacy statement does not apply to third-party websites that are connected to Aluper by links (or otherwise). This is because Aluper cannot guarantee that these parties will handle (personal) data in the desired manner. It is recommended that you consult the privacy statements of these third parties, if desired, to verify how they handle data.

Your rights regarding the processing and protection of personal data

Pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation, you have several rights over your personal data. These rights are listed below. If you have a request and/or comment regarding one or more of these rights, please contact Aluper using the contact information below. We will process your request within 14 days.

Email :

Phone : +31(0)38 3377 555

Post : Aluper, Grote Voort 293a, 8041 BL Zwolle

Right of inspection

For example, you have the right to access the information that Aluper has available about you.

Right of correction, restriction and deletion

You also have the right to have the information Aluper has available about you corrected, supplemented or deleted in its entirety.

With respect to the deletion of data, Aluper must comply with the retention obligation imposed on it pursuant to the Act. As such, Aluper cannot escape keeping the data covered by this retention requirement. However, all other data (if any) will be deleted from Aluper's systems in the process - upon express request

You also have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data. This means that Aluper retains your data, but otherwise no longer uses it. This may be the case in several instances. An example is a legal process to be initiated for which you may need the data. If you believe you are entitled to the right of restriction, you are invited to contact Aluper.

Right to data portability

You also have the right to receive the personal data that Aluper holds about you in a machine-readable format. You can then include this data that, for example, for preservation or processing in your database or that of a third party.

Right to withdraw consent

You have the right to withdraw the consent you have given to process certain personal data. If you wish to make a request to do so, you can reach us through 1 of the contact options above.

Complaints & the Personal Data Authority

Aluper would like to hear about any complaints regarding data processing and protection. You even have the right to file a complaint about it. For this too, please use the contact information above.

Under privacy laws, you also have the right to file a complaint with the privacy regulator, the Personal Data Authority.


Changes regarding this privacy statement

The contents of this statement may change over time. Accordingly, Aluper recommends consulting the privacy statement on a regular basis. The date at the top of the statement can be used to determine when the statement was last modified.


If you have further questions or comments about the processing or protection of your (personal) data, we will be happy to assist you.

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