1000 x Aluminum marten-bird barrier AP89

$25.266,65 Incl. btw

The aluminum marten bird barrier for solar panelsrepels nesting birds, stone martens and a variety of pests.

Aluminum marten bird barrier in the size: 1000×25/45×125 mm

The aluminum marten bird barrier can be ordered in the size, 1000×25/45×125 mm. The elements should be mounted contiguously against each other. This product is applicable to a variety of solar panels.


How does ordering the aluminum marten bird barrier AP89 work?

  1. Enter the desired number of marten-bird enclosures and add to cart.
  2. Attention! No butyl adhesive strips or High Tack adhesive are included with this product.

For do-it-yourselfers, an assembly instruction manual is available on our website.


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What does this product contain?
1 aluminum marten bird guard 1000×25/45×125 mm. Mounting screws, Butyl adhesive strips, High Tack adhesive etc. should be ordered separately.

Thickness Aluminum marten-bird barrier
2 mm

Color Aluminum gutter grid

Suitable for
Solar Panels

Features Aluminum marten-bird barrier
The comb bends easily, resistant to high and low temperatures, durable, easy to customize, suitable for solar panels, recyclable, UV and ozone resistant

Which screws to use
Stainless steel self-drilling screws 4.8×25 mm | The advantage of screws is that the material can be easily disassembled and reused. | (Caution! in some cases, drilling into your solar panels may void your warranty)

What glue to use
Butyl adhesive strip + High Tack Adhesive | For the strongest adhesion, use in combination | Caution! After bonding, the material cannot be reused because it will be bent during disassembly.

How to maintain?
The marten bird barrier is made of maintenance-free aluminum. However, it is advisable to prevent algae and moss growth by spraying your roof tiles with an algaecide at least once every three years. This remedy then also touches your solar panels and the marten-bird barrier so it also benefits from the cleaning effect. Such a remedy can be purchased from the company Roof Shampoo.




    • Repels nesting birds, stone martens and a variety of pests.
    • Easy to assemble.
    • Lasts a lifetime and can be reused.
    • 10-year warranty on product operation.
    • Fits solar panels.
Weight 0,8 kg
Dimensions 100 × 17 × 0,2 cm
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Aluminum marten-bird barrier AP891000 x Aluminum marten-bird barrier AP89
$25.266,65 Incl. btw
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