Marten-bird barrier AP78

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The aluminum marten bird barrier repels birds and martens under roof tiles. It can be easily mounted on the bottom batten.

Aluminum marten bird barrier in the size: 1000x20x70x1 mm

The aluminum marten bird barrier can be ordered in the size, 1000x20x70x1 mm mm. The elements should be mounted contiguously against each other. This product is applicable to a variety of solar panels.


How does ordering the aluminum marten bird barrier AP78 work?

  1. Enter the desired number of marten-bird enclosures and add to cart.
  2. If desired, order the stainless steel screws 3.5×20 mm for mounting to the lower roof batten or to the gutter grid AP77.

For do-it-yourselfers, an assembly instruction manual is available on our website.


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What does this product contain?
1 aluminum marten bird guard 1000x20x70x1 mm. Mounting screws should be ordered separately.

Thickness Aluminum marten-bird barrier
1 mm

Color Aluminum gutter grid
Blanc (aluminum color)

Suitable for
Under the roof tiles

Features Aluminum marten-bird barrier
The comb bends easily, resistant to high and low temperatures, durable, easy to size, suitable for under roof tiles, recyclable, UV and ozone resistant

Which screws to use
Stainless steel screws 3.5×20 mm

How to assemble?
Mount the marten-bird guard on the first and bottom battens or in conjunction with the AP77 aluminum gutter grid.

How to maintain?
The marten bird barrier is made of maintenance-free aluminum.

Wholesale from 100 pieces

Prices from 100 units and up are calculated as of 11-1-2024. Please allow for post-calculation in case actual production costs are higher.




    • Repels birds, martens and all kinds of pests under roof tiles.
    • Lasts a lifetime and can be reused.
    • High quality aluminum.
    • 10-year warranty.
    • Fits under roof tiles.
    • Mounting on gutter grid AP78 or directly on the bottom tile batten.

1, 100, 250, 500

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Marter- vogelwering AP78Marten-bird barrier AP78
$13,51 Incl. btw
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