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Aluper gutter grates are a durable aluminum gutter protection. The grilles all contain small holes that keep out leaves and pine needles.

A sample of the aluminum gutter grid AP23, AP55 and AP77 and the end profile L77

In case you would like to see and test the gutter grating AP77 and its operation first, you can order this sample. In case of resale, this sample is suitable to show to customers.


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What does this product contain?
1 aluminum gutter grid sample.





    • Stops leaves and pine needles.
    • For sealing all gaps.
    • For a permanently maintenance-free gutter.
    • No more going up the ladder to clean the gutter periodically.
    • Fits any gutter, old or new, zinc or plastic.
    • No stone martens, birds and rats in the gutter.
    • Maintenance-free and lasts a lifetime.
    • Extends the life of the gutter.
    • Reduces the likelihood of moisture and snow damage.
    • No damage from a clogged gutter.
    • Protects your gutter from UV radiation and corrosive acids from decaying leaves.
    • Easy self-assembly.
Type sampel

AP23, AP55, AP77

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