Stainless steel mounting clip X77

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A stainless steel mounting clip for mounting the aluminum gutter grate AP77 through the two slots in the grate.

Stainless steel mounting clip X77: 170x15x1 mm

The stainless steel mounting clip X77 can be ordered in the size, 170x15x1 mm. The mounting clip can be slid through the special opening in the gutter grid AP77 and then snapped into place. Two clips can be mounted per meter to be mounted. This product is applicable gutters with a round bead of 20 mm diameter.


How does ordering the stainless steel mounting clip X77 work?

  1. Enter the desired number of stainless steel mounting clips and add to cart.
  2. If desired, order the matching AP77 gutter gratings with it.

For do-it-yourselfers, an assembly instruction manual is available on our website.


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What does this product contain?
1 stainless steel mounting clip X77 measuring 170x15x1 mm.

Thickness of stainless steel fastening clip
1 mm

Color stainless steel mounting clip
Blanc (stainless steel color)

Can be attached to

Suitable for
Gutter grid AP77 (in the two openings per element)

Features Stainless Steel Fastening Clip
Easy to install without tools, resistant to high and low temperatures, durable, suitable for all types of gutters with a 20 mm bead, recyclable, UV and ozone resistant

How to maintain?
The stainless steel mounting clip X77 is made of maintenance-free stainless steel.



Additional information

    • 170 x 15 x 1 mm stainless steel.
    • For mounting gutter grid AP77.
    • 2 pieces needed per m1
    • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
    • Lasts a lifetime and can be reused.
    • Fits standard gutters with 20 mm bead.
    • To be ordered only in conjunction with the AP77 Gutter Grille.

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$2,88 Incl. btw
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