Solar panels protection from leaf and animal

No more nuisance from birds, martens and other pests under your solar panels

One of the biggest benefits of solar panels is lower energy bills. In fact, solar panels allow you to generate your own electricity. However, one must take great care not to clog it under the solar panels and prevent birds, stone martens, mice and even rats from nesting there. Aluper's solar panel protection can be used to make solar panels pest proof. With an aluminum comb, in 2 millimeters thickness, it even stops stone martens and rats. The solar panel protection prevents, that nothing can get under the solar panels. The product is made of 2 millimeters thick aluminum so that even a stone marten cannot gnaw through it. It lasts a lifetime, and can be reused on other solar panels if necessary.... which is good for the environment.

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A permanent barrier against leaves and animals

10 key benefits

Maintenance-free and lasts a lifetime

The material is made of high quality material. The profile can be reused on other solar panels.

10-year warranty

We guarantee that our material is durable and always provide a 10-year warranty. Moreover, aluminum can last a lifetime.

Made of aluminum

Aluminum does not rust or deform, but stays firmly in place.

Repels leaves, pine needles, moss, etc.

The profile is in the shape of a comb, through which leaves, branches and all kinds of pests are stopped.

Stops stone martens

Some cables contain fish oil or fish meal, and stone martens seem to love those.

Repels flammable nests

Above 200 degrees Celsius, a bird's nest can begin to burn. Because of the electronics on solar panels, a spark cannot be ruled out.


With the help of our assembly instructions and several instructional videos, installation is easy to do yourself.

Fits any solar panel

We have two models in our range and they can be fit for any situation during assembly.

Prevents accumulation of snow

Snow will no longer be able to accumulate under the solar panels which will keep it well ventilated.

Promotes optimal ventilation

The profile does not completely close the sides, allowing sufficient air to pass through the openings.


Solar panel protection promotional video

Aluper's solar scrap is one of the highest quality protections for solar panels and an excellent alternative. The video shows the installation of solar panel protection and its presentation.

Did you know that snow under solar panels can be harmful?

If snow accumulates under the solar panels, that can also be a problem because it can damage or interfere with the operation of the panels. Snow accumulating under the panels can push the panels out of their proper position, making them less efficient or even damaging them. Therefore, it may be important to install a guard to keep snow from getting under the solar panels so that they can do their best work.

Snow accumulated under solar panels.

What do our customers say?

We obviously had a marten on the roof because noise could be heard every time. We also had damage from leakage in the ceiling, presumably from the marten. We were looking for a repellent for our gutters and solar panels to stop the martens. A barrier made of sturdy aluminum seemed more appropriate than plastic.


Bird and marten repellent
Article code: AP89

We had a lot of trouble with leaves and branches under our solar panels. The supplier had warned us that ventilation was important with our solar panels, and with Aluper's we hope to keep the leaves and branches from falling. Our panels have a different model and thickness. It was fortunately possible to seal it with two different types of fencing all around.

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Bird and marten repellent
Article code: AP88 + AP89


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